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A Fond Farewell

Well, hello everyone! I know it's been a very long time since I've posted anything here, although I keep an eye out for this community from time to time. However, as 2020 approaches (Can you believe it?), I think it is time to let this community go. I will wait til the new year to allow those who might want to save some graphics, posts, etc, but otherwise, I will delete the community after January 1st. I also wanted to give a special shoutout to winterlillies for being a super co-mod here. THANKS MY FRIEND, FOR EVERYTHING!!

To the members of crimson_iink, let me say that I've thoroughly loved this community over the years and it really taught me a lot about graphic design and about running a community/blog. I made a lot of friends here, who were (and are still) wonderful! It's been a great run and I wish you all the best of luck and give you a big THANK YOU for making crimson_iink such a great community!

Much love and thanks!

PS - I'm still keeping my personal Livejournal. Just don't have the heart to get rid of that just yet. The links to my other social media are there. :)
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#67 (38th Post)

* Movies (Deadpool, The Hobbit, Star Wars): 1-7
* Music (McFly- Dougie, Ellie Goulding): 8-11
* Stock (Animals, Flowers & Railways): 12-37
* TV (Arrow, Blindspot, Flash, IZombie, Jessica Jones, MacGyver, Merlin, Poldark): 38-54
Total = 54

* Stock (Animals & Flowers) : 1-6
* TV (Merlin): 7
Total = 7


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#66 (37th Post!)

* Celebs (Emma Watson): 1
* Movies (Capitan America :Winter Soldier & Civil War, Deadpool, X-Men Apocalypse) :2-9
* Music (Dougie Poynter, Lana Del Ray, Taylor Swift) :10-14
* Stock (Animals, Flowers, Food, Travel) : 15-62
* TV (Agent Carter , Agents of Shield, Arrow, Doctor Who, I-Zombie, Jessica Jones, Merlin, The Musketeers , Poldark, Supergirl) : 63-81

Total = 81


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#65 (36th Post)

* McFly for 10in30: 1-10
* Actors (Emma Watson & Michael Fassbender) : 11-13
* Movies (Ant Man & Xmen : Days of Future Past) 14-17
* Music (Lana Del Ray, Harry Judd, Taylor Swift) : 18-21
* Stock (Animals & Flowers) : 22-39
* TV (Daredevil, Doctor Who, Jessica Jones, Merlin, Poldark, Selfie, SuperGirl, The Musketeers) 40-50

Total = 50


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#63 (36th Post)

* Actors - Bille Piper, James McAvoy, Keria Knightley- 1-5
* Movies - (Captian America & The Hobbit): 6-8
* Music - (Lana Del Ray): 9-10
* Stock - (Animals, Flowers, Food, Travel): 11-44
* TV - (Agent Carter, Agents of Shield, Arrow, Blindspot, Doctor Who, IZombie, The Flash, Jane The Virgin, Jessica Jones, Supergirl) - 45-69
Total = 69

* Stock - Animals - 1
Total = 1


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