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Application Post!

Thanks for applying to join crimson_iink! This is not an elite community, your work won't be put under the microscope here and rejected for not having your text in the right place or using the wrong texture. We're striving to be a community where members can grow and improve in a comfortable environment where they don't feel pressure to live up to a certain standard.

The community is open to stock makers as well as fandoms. We're looking for good work that displays originality, creativity and that time and effort were put into making them. All levels of expertise are welcome. However, we won't accept quick, slapped together work or icons that look like bases only.

If we do reject your application, we WILL give you a legitimate reason. Please don't cause drama if you're rejected, its just not necessary. We'll offer concrit and advice if asked and we'll never tear down anyone's work. Again, we are not elite. No one's work is better than any other.

If you'd like to see a list of the current member's icons, go here!


Possible reasons for us to reject your application:

1) You're under the age of 21 - there are plenty of communities out there for younger graphics maker's. If you are under 21, please do not apply, we will have to tell you no. The older that apply here, the better, IMO.

2) Your graphics show lack of imagination or creativity - you basically slapped a little bit of color on some bases.

3) We're not fond of trendy type icons. ( although we feel experimentation is key to discovering what you like and don't like, eventually you have to find your own personal style ) So, if we feel your work doesn't show enough personality, we'll certainly tell you.

3) The graphics you submit are not your own - HUGE no no!

4) If you wish to link to a journal that's members only. All links posted here must be public. If your journal is member's only and you wish to house your graphics here on the community directly, let us know.


Remember to be sure to put the key phrase at the top of your application (since LJ took away our subject lines, the jerks) so we know you read the rules on the profile page. It changes periodically, so just using the phrase you've seen on other applications most likely won't be the correct one.

Your application will remain screened until we reply to it and old applications will be removed from time to time.

By applying here, you are stating that you a serious applicant, you wish to be a part of crimson_iink as an active, posting member and that failure to do so can result in you being removed without prior notice.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!

greeneyedmissy and winterlillies
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