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the most comprehensive, completely useless, bargain basement icon dumping zone


Hey and welcome to crimson_iink! Hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to view and snag graphics as long as credit is given to the maker and everyone is more than welcome to friend the community for updates. However, membership to post icons/graphics is moderated and approval will NOT be given unless you've applied and been invited to join. You can apply for an invite only at this post. Thanks!

crimson_iink is not a place to "be seen", this is our home. winterlillies and I opened the community up to those who wanted a fun and encouraging environment, not a storehouse where members post every so often and no one cares. If you feel you can't give our community the attention and participating it deserves, please don't apply.

Current member list!

If you snag someone else's graphics, please use the same courtesy and credit them.
Application and Membership

Guidelines for application:

1) Do not apply to join the community if you don't intend to participate, if your journal is on hiatus or your journal is friends only.

Our idea of participation is as follows:

~Posting graphics - okay, I know that's a duh, but I said it anyway.

~Participating in community polls and input when asked - we value your opinions, it makes our community close-knit too.

~Commenting on fellow members' posts - it gives us all encouragement. Even if you don't snag anything, it helps to know you stopped by.

~Pimping the community - by the use of noting your cross-post here and by displaying the member banner on your profile page.

2) If you apply using text speak (kthanxbai or AcCePt~*~Me~*~PlEEzE and the like), you will be denied.

3) You have to be at least 21 years of age to join. It's a must because the majority of current members here are over the age of 21. There are plenty of great communities out there for younger graphics makers (17 and under). Those who don't give an age in the application post will be denied. Friending has no age limit, however.

4) Apply to this post here!

5) Your application will remain screened until we've given you an answer.

6) Provide the following in your application post -
Name :
Age :
How long have you been making graphics? :
Will you be posting your graphics here or will you link them to another journal/community :
if so, where? :
Would you like for us to offer concrit/advice if our reply, whether accepted or not? :
Examples of 10 stock icons :
5 fandom icons :
1 banner or wallpaper (optional, but we'd like to see a variety of your work) :

7) When providing examples, we'd prefer your most recent work, but it's not required.

8) In the subject of your post, be sure to put the phrase "Hey, you knew around here?", to show you read these rules!

Promotion is important to crimson_iink as we're still a small community with just a few members. We're striving to be a community where members can grow and improve in a comfortable environment where they don't feel pressure to live up to a certain standard. But we need to be seen first! So to help spread the word, I'm giving members a couple of options:

1) When posting graphics in your own journals (just linking to them here), I'd appreciate the community named as being crossposted.
( example - cross-posted to crimson_iink )

2) Take one of the banners at the bottom of this profile and display it on your journal's profile page. Link either the image or put crimson_iink below it.
Friends of the community (watchers) are also free to take the promo banner from below to display! Thanks!

Guidelines for members and/or watchers:

1) All graphics are allowed here. Icons, banners, etc. Members also have the option of taking requests. Resources such as tutorials, textures, and bases are now housed at our sister community, unlockedswag, so if you're a resource maker, please post there.

2) All stock graphics are allowed.

3) All fandoms are allowed.

4) Questions about graphics are allowed, including asking for critique and advice.

5) If you have graphics that contain items of an "adult" nature, such as artisic nudity (non-pornographic), serious curse words (mostly f-bomb) overly sexual connotations please include that in an intro with your preview and put them under a cut or a link to your community. I would prefer NO SLASH please! Although our members are over 21, we may still have younger watchers as well as those who simply don't wish to see adult oriented graphics. I'm not going to be restrictive of creative freedom, but let's also be respectful of everyone's beliefs and give everyone a choice.

6) All graphics need to have a preview ( 1-3 icons )and the rest under a cut (or link to the rest).

7) Please PLEASE include tags in your post to make it easier for visitors to search the archives. Tags are open for all members to make new ones if needed. Be as specific as possible and make sure you review the tag guide.

8) Keep posts graphic related. Other posts, such as quizzes, will be removed. If you have a question about what might be acceptable, you can always ask in a post and I'll judge for myself.

9) Comments are what keep a graphic maker going, so if you view the post, please leave a comment, even if you don't snag anything.

10) Of course this shouldn't be said, but hotlinking someone else's graphics to post here as your own will get you banned and earn you nothing but a quick ticket to the 10th level of hell.

11) All posts at crimson_iink are public. Which means no linking to an outside journal that's members only, thus forcing people to join to see your graphics or not Member Locking posts here directly. If your journal is member's only, then feel free to make a graphics post and house them here on the community. Do not password protect anything you link here.

12) Do not watch this community with the intention of stealing icons to post to communites whose sole purpose is to ridicule or criticize. Constructive criticism and helpful suggestions are welcome, flaming is not.

13) Members: If you plan on going on hiatus from your journal or take a break from graphics, please take a moment to drop a line here and let us know. We will list you as being on hiatus and you'll remain a member. If you disappear for an extended period of time with no notice, the mods reserve the right to remove you as a member. We don't want any hard feelings and we understand life happens, so if you have been removed and wish to return, you're always welcome to come back as long as you resume posting and participating.


I'm also accepting affiliates to be added here to my user info page. If you would like to be added, please make a comment/reply to this post. Thanks!

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